Kenya - Resurrection Bush in a dehydrated state
Kenya – Resurrection Bush in a dehydrated state

As many start the new year with making resolutions, it is our intention to not make any checklists. The drawback with lists is that there will always be something left undone and one is left with a feeling of not doing enough. This is not permission to not have a sense of urgency in completing projects or meeting deadlines, as we are planners by nature. However, we
intend to shift our focus to the unseen.

The definition of unseen is “not seen or noticed”. There is beauty in in the forgotten and overlooked. It is the space in the margins where sparks of creativity happen. In the unseen, ideas are becoming. It is a point in time of where we are now and what we aspire to be. It is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things yet seen. So, what are we becoming @UDP?

  • We are designing buildings that are carbon neutral by 2030.
  • We are creating equity facility planning in our projects to make spaces beyond the legal requirements that are welcome for all.
  • We are building diverse project teams that reflect a multicultural and multigenerational perspective.
  • We are offering STE(A)M opportunities for middle school girls of color to learn about the field of architecture.
  • We are hosting an on-line environmental book club.

This is our call to action. Intentions transform how we think, what we pursue and how we spend our time. We choose to be in these spaces for social and environmental justice because it feeds our heart, mind, spirit and soul. We are embracing the adventure of this intentional growth mindset season. @UDP, we will be checking our progress and not measuring for perfection.

Kenya - Resurrection Bush at the first drop of rain
Kenya – Resurrection Bush at the first drop of rain

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