"Using Resources Wisely" – 3 Degrees

(Partner with Station Nineteen)

Using resources wisely was the theme for this 17,000 square foot Christian nightclub renovation. As such, we sought to reuse any materials wherever possible. Prior to construction, we salvaged doors, lighting and cabinets and incorporated them into the design of the new space. Timber beams and columns removed from the space were sold to another project. We specified recycled materials for tile and countertops, too. Due to the owner’s non-profit status, we were able to offer tax deductions to vendors who either donated or discounted labor and materials. The best find was a platform lift on eBay used for access to the raised stage. Brick walls, timber framing and mechanical ducts were left exposed to not only save money but to also create an urban contemporary environment. Over 7,800 man-hours were provided in volunteer skilled labor. These labor and material contributions translated into approximately $650,000 savings toward the overall project budget. With limited resources, our design team found innovative ways to make this club a smashing success.