"The Rapid Remake of a Corporate Headquarters" – AMS

American Medical Systems, a medical device company, was rapidly outgrowing their current office headquarters. In order to meet the space needs for their projected growth, this required a fast track project for both design and construction of the project. We were able to accomplish this task through a phased approach, which minimized disruption to their work environment. Construction drawings were issued in four separate groups and construction followed accordingly. This allowed for sections of the building to undergo remodeling while remaining completely occupied. Moves of furniture, data lines and personal belongings occurred over the weekends. Once remodeling was completed, areas were moved into and occupied immediately. We were even able to keep the cafeteria and conference rooms fully operational during this time. This coordinated effort shortened the overall project schedule from twelve to nine months and allowed AMS to continue their planned growth without having to lease additional office space in another location.